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4 Chocolate Truffle and Wine Pairings

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on February 10, 2018

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If you've got Valentine's Day locked and loaded with plan after plan for you and your sweetheart, then we can't help much. Except, perhaps, with the finishing touch after a day of romance. That we can help you with.

Wine with chocolate

It really comes down to the little things when impressing your Valentine. And for your glory, we've searched out some of the best truffle and wine pairings, flavor profile by flavor profile. Here are 4 combos that have been tried, tested and verified. All truffles pictured come from Godiva, but feel free to choose your favorite chocolatier!

1. For the couple who just wants a relaxing night:

Milk Chocolate Mousse Truffle with Serafino Tawny 

No chocolate box is complete without a creamy milk chocolate truffle. If you are new to pairing truffles with wine, this is your perfect pair. The raisin sweetness from this Tawny Port only enhances the creamy chocolate and sweet mousse.

2. For the nutty foodie:

Hazelnut Crunch with Santa Isle Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This is perfect for lovers of a jammy Cabernet Sauvignon. Nuts and berries, the dynamic duo that makes trail mix so wonderful, expresses itself in the the full-bodied, velvety mouthfeel of this Chilean Cab.

Cabernet with truffles

3. For the ones who want to spice it up:

Aztec Spice Truffle with Pali Pinot Noir Riviera

If you're thinking “cayenne pepper truffle?! Say what?!” then just know that we have your best interests at heart. This Pinot has a nose and palate of black cherries, pomegranate and black pepper, which means that the fruit will complement the spice and the pepper will echo it. It's a wonderful adventure and you should definitely try it.

Pinot Noir

4. For the ones who want to shower their sweetheart with rose petals and hearts:

Strawberry Crème Tarte Truffle with Graham Beck Brut Rose

Honestly, honestly, what beats creamy strawberry and white chocolate washed down by bubbles? NOTHING. Plus pink truffles and pink bubbles were made for Valentine's Day. Both the truffle and the Champagne are filled with berry accents - you’ll feel berry in love by the end of your night (sorry, we had to).

Truffles with wine

What is your favorite pair of truffles with wine? Tell us below!