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Wine to pair with your podcast

Posted by Mary Small on September 30, 2018

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It’s been 13 years since “podcast” was deemed word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary, but we’re right smack in the middle of a podcast renaissance, people. This rebirth of a audio concept has ushered in a new era of addictive content, without all the effort of reading an article or sifting through you bookmarks to find where you left off. With over 550,000 podcasts to choose from, the only thing required to enjoy is a curious mind. Which brings us to the wine.

Podcast Wine Pairing

 If you aren’t listening to your favorite podcast with a glass of vino in your hand, let us help you re-imagine your podcasting time.  Because let’s get real, wouldn’t that episode of S-Town gone down a lot smoother if you consumed John’s story with a glass of cabernet?

If you’re starting to get the idea, check out this list of wines to pair with your favorite podcast genre. Don’t have a favorite genre? Choose your wine first and then dive into its accompanied podcast. Happy listening!

 True Crime

macheteFor you armchair detectives that know who killed Sally before the characters are even introduced.

Podcast Suggestion: Sword and Scale

Wine Choice: Orin Swift Machete |California Red |Blend of Petite Sirah, Syrah and Grenache

Flavors of Earl Grey tea, toasted cumin, gingerbread and huckleberry. Spicy, we know, just like Sword and Scale’s chronicle of real-life crime.  


Investigative Journalism

19 crimesWine. A decision you won’t appeal.

Podcast Suggestion: Serial [Yes, we are talking about season one.]

Wine Choice: 19 Crimes |Red Blend|

Sarah Koenig, Serial’s host, has said that this podcast is “about the basics: love and death and justice and truth. All these big, big things." While you join her alongside the investigation, dive into the big, big thing of this phenomenal red blend. It boasts rich fruit balanced with layers of vanilla and oak – it will most definitely sharpen your snooping skills



uppercutWith a new episode almost daily, you’ve got your great excuse to have a glass on the reg.

Podcast Suggestion: Joe Rogan Experience

Wine Choice: Uppercut |Cabernet Sauvignon|

Prepare your brain for the boldness that is Joe Rogan with an equally daring Napa Cab. With layers of dark berries, a touch of tobacco and a fair measure of cocoa, this wine will provide the structure to balance all the raw, unscripted debauchery of Joe’s podcast.



1000 storiesThe advice may be unqualified, but the wine suggestion is not.

Podcast Suggestion: Anna Faris is Unqualified

Wine Choice: 1000 Stories Gold Rush |Zinfandel|

To pair well with Faris’s podcast,  you’ll need as  complex as relationships.. This Zinfandel is the top candidate with notes of dark berry, cloves, pepper and vanilla and a wonderful body that washes down any amateur advice with ease.  


Spooky Stories

palermoIt’s like telling scary stories with your friends as a kid… but now you have a smartphone and wine.

Podcast Suggestion: Lore

Wine Choice: Orin Swift Palermo |Cabernet Sauvignon|

The campfire experience of Lore podcast is one that requires an edgier, more fearless vino. Enter Orin Swift Palermo. It’s a robust blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Frac, teeming with flavors of wild berry, plums, roasted fig and cocoa. It’s dark, it’s deep and it’s inexplicably addicting, just like Lore.



hindsightBecause HQ is maddening and NPR pairs well with fine wine.

Podcast Suggestion: NPR Ask Me Another

Wine Choice: Hindsight |Chardonnay|

Once you get hooked on Ask Me Another, you’re going to want a sessionable wine. This chardonnay is just that, approachable and versatile, with flavors of peach, mango, pear and citrus with a creamy finish.



federalistEver see Drunk History? Just saying.

Podcast Suggestion: Slow Burn

Wine Choice: Federalist |Zinfandel Lodi| 7% Syrah and 93% Zinfandel

Maybe we’d all love history and politics if we could take it all in with wine.. He’s the host of this narrative podcast about some of the biggest scandal’s in U.S. history. Pouring a glass of Federalist only makes sense. With blackberry spice, rich plum, and a long, smooth finish, you’ll quickly realize that it’s revolutionary to pair wine with podcasts.



dreaming treeIt will be music to your ears. Literally.

Podcast Suggestion: 36 Questions

Wine Choice: Dreaming Tree |Sauvignon Blanc|

Drink in this musical match-up with  Dave Matthews band Dreaming Tree Sauvignon Blanc. It has loads of fresh, juicy tropical fruit and finishes crisp with hints of grapefruit and zesty lime. It’s the lightness you’ll need to get through this romantic musical.


a to z pinot noirThis just in: it’s not really drinking alone when your cat is home.

Podcast Suggestion: The Daily by The New York Times

Wine Choice: A to Z |Pinot Noir|

Listening to the news is as easy as ABC when you have a glass that is half-full (of Pinot Noir.) With bright raspberry and espresso flavors, A to Z Pinot Noir will keep your interest peaked and taste buds pleased.  


Looking to try some wines before you buy? Here are the wines you can sample in store this month!