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A football fans guide to wine

Posted by Faith Bennett on February 1, 2018

In Wine, Food Pairing, Football

American football has long been celebrated with sloshing buckets of beer and burly men chest bumping as their team scores the winning touchdown. But as the game continues to extend its fan base, does it mean the love for an ice-cold beer has followed? Well, not so much.

 The Wall Street Journal crunched the numbers and discovered brew consumption has dipped as the number of millennials getting into the game increased. Younger consumers are blowing the whistle on beer bellies and turning toward other options like wine and spirits.

Huddle up as we take on this trend by uncorking some fantasy food and wine pairings suited to cheer on your beloved teams. 

Hot dogs + pinot noir

Our top contenders in the race to hot dog victory are Estancia Pinot Noir and A to Z Pinot Noir.
wine pairing 1

Estancia Pinot Noir

When looking to provide wine for the whole crowd, we recommend Estancia. This light and airy pinot noir from Monterey County is easy to sip and packed with concentrated flavors of black cherry, brown sugar and plum. Pair it with hot dogs straight from the grill and you’ll be in football heaven.

A to Z Pinot Noir

 Filled with flavors of bright raspberry and notes of powerful espresso, this fresh and tangy pinot noir is excellent with a classic dog. P.S. If you want to step up your pairing game, add some caramelized onion and mushroom to better compliment this Oregon pinot.

Red blends and rosé + wings

Wine and wings have more in common than the letter their first letter. Both are equally satisfying and are sure to please any friends with large appetites. We picked Playtime Red and Meiomi Rosé for a flavorful field goal.
wine pairing 2

Playtime Red

You may be distracted from the game with this delicious duo. Balanced with aromas of blackberry, plum and spices Playtime Red from Shannon Ridge is ideal for your basket of hot wings. The smooth finish of this relaxed blend balances the heat makes it a fan favorite.

Meiomi Rosé

Rosé your way to a win this season. Meiomi Rosé is our go-to wing pairing. Rounded with aromas of watermelon, orange peel and rose petals this light, fruit-forward wine complements even your wildest wing cravings – from spicy garlic to teriyaki all the way to our favorite, Evan Williams Drunken Chicken Wings.

Hamburgers + cabernet sauvignon

Wash down first downs in style, with bold cabs and hearty hamburgers. Yes, this is a thing and pairs like Pro Bowl QB and WR. Our choice, Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon and Block 229 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon.

We broke this one down into what kind of burger lover you are – cheese or no cheese?

Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon

Indulging in a gooey melted cheesy cheese burger? It’s all about Hess Select. This magnificent, medium-bodied cabernet from the north coast of California showcases notes of currants, cloves and cedar with flavors of red raspberry and black cherry. It’s rich, powerful flavors compliment full-bodied cheeses like blue cheese and pepper jack.

Block 229 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon

If hamburgers, hold the cheese are your style, check out Block 229. This bold cabernet is a part of our Sourced & Certified collection and is hand selected from Paso Robles in California. Its dark fruit and cocoa are balanced by a long, smooth finish, perfect for your handheld burger.

French fries + sparkling wine or pinot grigio

If French fries are not being served at the next football party you attend - abort mission. These salty sticks of potato goodness are the perfect snack to munch on during, before and after halftime. We’ve paired this touchdown-worthy treat with La Marca Prosecco and Clos du Bois Pinot Grigio.
wine pairing 3

La Marca Prosecco

Cultivated in the Italian region La Marca Trevigiana, La Marca Prosecco is the perfect pairing for a fist full of savory fries. With aromas of fresh citrus, honey and white flowers this refreshing sparkling wine is sure to punch your evening over the goal line. 

Clos du Bois Pinot Grigio

Not a fan of bubbles? Go for grigio. Clos du Bois Pinot Grigio is our first draft pick for this pairing. Bold and fruity, this California wine offers intense grapefruit aromas along with hints of melon and white peach. Its zesty nature is ideal for Friday night lights and finger food.

If these pairings haven’t satisfied your game-day grub cravings, go for canned wine and a taco bar.

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