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Wine 101: What wines are better with age and how to properly store them

Not long after being bitten by the wine bug I developed a desire to have an awe-inspiring wine cellar. A dark, quiet, underground sanctuary where I could showcase my collection of world class wines and share them with friends. Nearly forty years later, and having never won the lottery, I’m still dreaming of that cellar.

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Wine 101: How to properly open and pour a bottle of wine

So, you are hosting, but your knowledge of opening and serving wine is limited. Perhaps you’ve been known to enjoy a glass or two, but have never had to actually go through the technicalities of self-serving. Now, you are entertaining someone you are trying to impress – a date perhaps, or a friend, or a business associate. Well, the good news, although the situation seems daunting and full of potential embarrassment, it is really quite simple and as easy as ABC.

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Wine awakening: A drinker’s guide to decanting and aerating

In the world of wine connoisseurs and casual sippers, the great decant debate is ever-reoccurring.

The question of whether to decant, aerate or pour directly from bottle to glass has been a topic of contention among wine drinkers. Both essentially serve the same purpose, which is to expand the surface area of the wine, allowing more oxygen to interact with the liquid.  This softens the harsh tannins and opens up the aromatic profile of the wine.  The question really is when to use which method, and for what wines?  

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