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March is Washington Wine Month: The wines you must try

Have you heard? March is Washington Wine Month, which is really just a national excuse to venture out of our California wine habit and to consider our second biggest wine producing state.

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Precept Wines: The side of Washington you want to know

In a recent trip, I discovered that there’s a side of Washington State we should all get to know: Precept Wine Country. While most of us associate the state with rain, Frasier, (and for us movie lovers) Sleepless in Seattle, and why not, the Twilight Saga, Washington State has a desert… Yes! A desert. This vast, breathtaking appellation is the ideal territory to cultivate our favorite drink – Wine.

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Behind the scenes at Unibroue: A beer lover's dream adventure

Prior to this trip, I had minimal exposure to Unibroue. My first experience drinking their beer was years back. I grabbed a bottle of La Fin du Monde at a hole-in-the-wall pub in Pittsburgh simply because the label appealed to me and their unflushed taps seemed unappetizing. The second, snagging a bottle of À Tout le Monde just to tickle my mid-90’s Megadeth affinity with zero intent to consume. The bottle’s sole purpose was to sit on my shelf, more a piece of art or homage.

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