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Bubbly Truffles

When Valentine's Day has come and gone, you could find yourself in a bit of a conundrum. After a night of eating and celebrating with your loved one you might find yourself with some leftover bubbly and unlike wine, you can't recork it and save it for later. 

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Big Game Weekend

The Big Game is coming up. This Sunday, in fact. The Carolina Panthers take on the Denver Broncos, and regardless of which team you're rooting for, you need the drinks to fuel the party. Here are three suggestions for every palate.

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All I Want for Christmas…

To all the many thousands of loyal readers of my blog who are stressing out over what to get me for Christmas, relax. My gift will be the easiest one you buy for anyone…just give me a bottle of wine. Wine? You’re probably thinking, “I can’t give a bottle of wine to someone who works in the wine industry! What if he doesn’t like it? He probably has all the wine he needs or wants anyway!"

I can say almost without exception that wine lovers never have too much wine. I’m proud to say I do my personal best to inch up the per capita consumption in the U.S. every year. As far as not liking your choice of wine, don’t worry about that either. Wine is one of the easiest things to re-gift.

OK, now for some suggestions. Since I’m an Italian wine lover why not give me something you know I will like. You don’t have to be limited to any particular type or style… I can find an occasion to drink just about anything.

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