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American-Made Sparkling Wine

There is really no greater pleasure than opening a bottle of fine French Champagne. The 'ppffut' sound made from twisting out the cork. Watching the bubbles rise in the glass to form a perfect mousse.

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The Grapes of New York State

Today's blog was written by Dan Mitchell of Fox Run Vineyards.

The majority of wine drinkers seem to have an inherent belief that “great grapes” and, therefore high-quality wines, have to come from faraway lands, especially hot, dry ones.

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5 Shows That Are Better With Wine (And Which Wines You Should Be Drinking As The Intro Begins)

  1. The Bachelor. This is an obvious one so we're going to go ahead and get it out of the way. From Ben Flajnik's Hair Twitter to Tierra LiCausi's Eyebrow Twitter to Josh Murray's Scarf Twitter --okay, so a lot of weird, spin-off, fan-made Twitter accounts--how else are you supposed to get through an episode of The Bachelor if you don't have a bottle of wine by your side? We suggest Giorgi Platino Brut, because it has sparkle and you should never let anyone dull your sparkle. And also because Chris Harrison.
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