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Sunday Sippin': Adult Capri Suns

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on April 8, 2018

In Spirits, Tequila, Vodka, Bourbon, Gin

Don’t call it a comeback but your childhood lunch staple is back with a boozy twist. We’re talking about adult Capri Suns. Whoever said growing up had to be boring?

With spring break right around the corner and the weather heating up, these spirited juice bags are just what you need to celebrate the months leading up to summer. After all, you are in Florida. You live where other people vacation. Make ‘em jealous. Start with a cocktail.

Each of these recipes adapts your favorite childhood juice into a more adult version that is perfect for spring picnics and summer beach days. They pair great with lunchtime classics like burgers and sandwiches. Pack your cooler with a few mini bottles and juice bags, and you’ll be ready to mix up a cocktail when you hit the sand!

Keep in mind that the juice may be a bit sweeter than you remember, so you’ll want to adjust these recipes to taste. Don’t be afraid to switch up the spirits—these cocktails are convenient and versatile with different flavors and garnishes. Here are some of our favorite variations. 


The Ginny Sunset

Cut the top of your Capri Sun. Pour in gin, squeeze lemon over top and drop in.

The Red Berry-Lime

  • Capri Sun Red Berry
  • 2 oz Northern Peak Peach, Citron or Raspberry – your choice!
  • Lime Wedge

Cut the top of your Capri Sun and squeeze lime into it. Pour in your vodka of choice and enjoy!

The Sunberry Margarita

Cut the top of your Capri Sun. Add tequila and a squeeze of lime.

The Manhattan Sun

Cut the top of your Capri Sun and bourbon. Drop a cherry in and enjoy!