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Cocktails Meet Gourmet: Weekend Bloody Marys

Posted by Meghan Guarino on September 9, 2016

In Cocktail Recipes, Spirits, Vodka

There are some cocktails that a perfect served in the classic way. A Cosmo, for example, or a Gin & Tonic: Gin + tonic water + lime or cucumber, served over ice. It’s simple, it’s delicious, it’s easy.

You aren’t really looking for anything more than that when you crave one of these drinks.BloodyMary-2.jpg

But what about those cocktails that are made for innovation? I’m talking about Bloody Marys and, believe it or not, Martinis. Though classic to the core, a Martini can take any number of garnishes to make it dirty (as long as it’s pickled), and don’t even get me started on Bloody Mary garnishes. We’ve seen those babies topped with fried chicken, shrimp, vegetables—practically a full buffet of food—and to be perfectly honest, they always look delicious. Who says you can’t “drink” your brunch?

Get creative this weekend with a few key ingredients that work for both Bloody Marys and Martinis—and, psst… these ingredients are all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, fat-free and grown in Washington state, where, as we know from sipping their wine, the soil is very conducive to making flavorful fruits and vegetables.


Crispy Asparagus + Hot & Spicy Crispy Asparagus


For a kick of pickled deliciousness, swap the celery stick for a stalk of Tillen Farms Crispy Asparagus in your usual and save the juice! Martinis can be made dirtier with a bit of the smooth, flavorful juice this asparagus is stored in. True innovators may even add a half stalk to the glass—that’s what I would do at least. I make my vodka martinis with Wyborowa Wodka.Bloody Mary. Consider it your edible, crispy swizzle stick. If you’re looking for added spice, choose the Hot & Spicy version. With added crushed red chillies and bell peppers, this is the asparagus stalk for every spice-loving, Bloody Mary-drinking cocktail innovator out there. Try this pepper vodka to add to the spice or balance everything with bourbon.

Hot & Spicy Crispy Beans

Not a fan of asparagus? How about crunchy, crispy, snappy beans? Carefully selected and trimmed at both ends, Tillen Farms Hot & Spicy Crispy Beans are crunchy and pack just the right amount of heat your cocktail calls for. Just like the asparagus, these beans are great in Bloody Marys and Martinis (don’t forget to add a splash of the juice to the glass!).

Not only are these veggies great in cocktails, they’re awesome as appetizers, on a platter of tapas or as a side to any meal. You can find Tillen Farms products in select ABC Fine Wine & Spirits locations.

Meghan Guarino, copywriter