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Organic Spirits

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on April 22, 2018

Happy Earth Day! As we celebrate the beauty and complexity of the natural world today, some of you might be thirsty for a spirit that quenches your purist palate. Good news, because many distilleries around the nation tout certified organic, sustainably farmed and/or biodynamic products. Using local ingredients and embracing the ‘farm to bottle’ mindset, these bottles have been marked by a designation that’s committed to the land and the surrounding community. But sometimes, when you’re shopping organic spirits, a few other terms pop up on bottles. What do those other terms really mean? Below is a quick and easy breakdown of these three practices.

Organic spirits


Organic spirits are regulated by the US government, and they may be classified as 100% Organic, Organic, Made with Organic ingredients or Some Organic Ingredients. Organic distillers operate without the use of chemicals or synthetic additives.


Sustainably farmed spirits are made with the environment in mind; distillers typically find a balance that works best for them, whether it’s using environmentally friendly methods, renewable energy, producing less waste or a combination of these practices. The sustainable designation is about the environment as a whole.


Distillers of biodynamic spirits take the principles of organic farming to the next level, viewing the distillation process as an ecosystem. Biodynamic spirits must meet the strict international guidelines of the Demeter Association to carry the certification on their bottles. In short, biodynamic ingredients are grown without chemicals or additives.


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