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National Junk Food Day: fast food + craft beer pairings

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on July 21, 2018

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 In the name of bringing every day indulgence to a mealtime near you, we’ve whipped up a few fast food and beer pairings. Summer might be the most “on-the-go” season of all, with constant invites to the beach, or needing to grab a quick bite before a hike, or even grabbing a quick meal before you board a flight. All of these could use a craft beer accompaniment.

For summer time sake, and savoring every last moment of it, we encourage you to stop, take a breather and not think. Don’t think about the errands, the appointments, the cleaning… or about dinner.

The goal isn’t health, the goal is happiness. Just make sure you eat well before and after trying these amazing pairings!

Erdinger Weissbier with Taco Bell

Fast Food Pairings (8 of 10)

With a malty backbone and a delicate sweetness from the malt, this Weissbier might surprise some with how easily is matches up to the bold spice of taco. The mouthfeel and lighter body also go really well with the tortilla. 

Abita Big Easy IPA with Chick Fil A

Fast Food Pairings (7 of 10)

This IPA goes so well with a Chick-fil-A sandwhich because the hops and slight notes of tropical fruit compliment the spices in the breading. 

MIA Mega Mix Pale Ale with a Burger King Whopper

Fast Food Pairings (6 of 10)

Let's face it, there's few things like a flame-broiled Whopper with pickles and mustard. This pale ale expertly satisfies the sour flavor of the condiments while matching the intensity of the flame-broil. 


Duvel Golden Ale with Chinese Takeout

Fast Food Pairings (3 of 10)

With notes of toasted wheat and a slight nuttiness, Duvel's Golden Ale matches up to the umami of Chinese take out. 


Henninger Premium Lager with McDonald’s French Fries

Fast Food Pairings (2 of 10)

Fries tantalize with their salty, fatty, carby goodness. You'll need a beer, like Henninger, that can wash it all down with crisp refreshment. 


You’re probably pretty hungry and thirsty now. No worries. Swing by your fast food joint of choice and then pop in an ABC Fine Wine & Spirits near you. You can find a store in your neighborhood right here. Cheers to the convenient life!