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Precept Wines: The side of Washington you want to know

Posted by Indira Vegel on March 4, 2019

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In a recent trip, I discovered that there’s a side of Washington State we should all get to know: Precept Wine Country. While most of us associate the state with rain, Frasier, (and for us movie lovers) Sleepless in Seattle, and why not, the Twilight Saga, Washington State has a desert… Yes! A desert. This vast, breathtaking appellation is the ideal territory to cultivate our favorite drink – Wine.

IMG_3622Precept Wine is one of the fastest-growing wine companies in the United States. Their 5,000-acre vineyards are located 47 degrees parallel to the equator, yielding high winds and sun-drenched summers. This location provides an extra two and a half hours of sunlight a day; allowing extra time for the grapes to ripen and absorb earthier, fuller and more flavorful elements which reflect in their full-bodied, fruit-forward wines.

IMG_3434Along with the help from the Earth’s axis, Washington State’s geological history has had a stellar impact on growing.  Consumed by centuries of flooding and volcanic erosions, the base of the vineyards are bestowed with layers of nutrient, volcanic soil. This rich loam produces grapes that contain a granny, salty body, perfect for blending with a variety of fruits. In turn, it also gives the wine a distinct flavor that is exquisite and great for food pairings.

Shop ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Block Estate SeriesWith all this talk about climate, let’s change the temperature a little and reminisce about my recent trip to Washington and accompanied by some of my favorite wines I discovered along the way.

Beware they might provoke two of the following actions:

  1. Grabbing your favorite partner in wine to have a Washington wine flight tasting night.
  2. Booking your next flight and venturing out west to see for yourself.

IMG_3691During my travels I happened upon a few new favorites, House Wine Rosé and Covet Sparkling Brut. They are 100% delicious and 100% made for the go. I must confess, exploring the vineyards with cold, canned rosé wine was probably my favorite part of the trip. I am not sure if it was because the wine matched the beautiful pink sky or because I can still taste the citric flavors and crisp finish. Later I tried Covet Sparkling Brut, even today I can smell the crisp apples. I must admit, the can was so cute that the moment I got home I bought a few packs to keep in my fridge so that any time I have a bad day I could open a can of this bubbly and imagine myself walking through the serene, breezy, vibrant vineyards, testing my skills recognizing the different grapes growing there.

If you enjoy cooking, or like me, enjoy pairing wine with your take-out, I highly recommend any of their Perimeter varietals, smooth, yet full-bodied and flavor-forward. You can taste the fruit and spice in every sip, yet smooth enough to pair well with a plethora of meals. The best part, they have 5 different options, so you can have a nice, coursed meal and pair each item with a different wine all at a great price.

IMG_3553If you are looking to “treat yourself”, Browne Cabernet Franc is delicious option. It’s cherry and roasted pepper aromas open beautifully with each sip, while the strawberry and mixed fruit chutney enhances the flavors of bold, rich parings; perfect for an assorted cheese board, a juicy steak or a decadent chocolate treat.

For special celebrations, Gruet Brut is an excellent choice. Its citric flavors are perfect for the hot, Florida summers. With one sip it can easily transport your mind into the middle of a cool, Washington vineyard.

And while I can go on and on describing my favorite sips and sceneries, I am ending this article, the way that every day should end, with the picture of beautiful mountains, a vineyard view (sorry I cannot bring that your way) and a glass of Washington Rosé (that, you can get!).

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