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Big Game Smokes

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on February 4, 2017

In Beer, Cigar

Ray LewisIt is that bittersweet time of year for football fans. On one hand, it is time for the biggest game of the year but on the other it means the end of football for the next six months. Well, at least we have the combine, the draft, rookie mini-camps, OTAs, training camp and the pre-season to look forward to until they kick it off again. Regardless, the end of football can be a very painful thing for pigskin fans so tomorrow is a very special day. And what do we do to commemorate special days? If you guessed smoke cigars, then you are a winner. Go ahead and enjoy an extra bowl of Doritos or another dozen chicken wings, you’ve earned it.

Watching the game with a cigar just makes for a better experience. Therefore, an outside television is a must. Yes, I know there are certain parts in this country where sitting on the porch just isn’t possible in February and for those of you let me extend my sincerest condolences. This is the reason why I live in Florida. After suffering through our four days of Winter, it is now time for us to enjoy our grills and backyards once again.

Before I commit to attending a Big Game party that is not located at my home, I first inquire about the status of an outside television. This usually isn’t an issue. Most who invite me to anything do so with the understanding that I am bringing cigars. I am certain many of you fall into that category as well. This year I am hosting but if I weren’t then I would take my stash with me.


When taking cigars to a party, remember to make sure you have everyone covered. Rule number one is don’t take a bunch of rare and special cigars. Most won’t appreciate them and with the game going on neither will you. Take good cigars but leave that pre-embargo Cuban you’ve been aging for another time.

Rule number two is to take a variety of cigars. Not everyone at the party will like the same strength or flavor profiles so make sure you have a varied assortment. Also, having a few flavored or infused sticks, even if it isn’t your thing, is good for the group. It’s a good way to introduce new folks to the lifestyle.

Rule number three is don’t forget the accoutrements. Make sure you take at least two lighters and two cutters along with some extra butane. Don’t assume the host will have these things and nothing is worse than trying to light a cigar with a bic lighter or a moldy pack of matches. I once attended a party and ran out of butane. Since there were a lot of new smokers present I did most of the lighting that night with a bic lighter. Before the night ended both of my thumbs were charred and torn from the thousands of times I had to roll the striker.

So, make this game day a good one by sharing some cigars with your friends, unless they are Patriot Fans of course. In that case, they can bring their own. Rise and enjoy the game.

Chris Gwaltney, Category Manager: Craft Beer and Premium Cigars

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