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Unibroue + Megadeth

Posted by Meghan Guarino on October 27, 2016

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megadeth 12 oz bottleAt an epic 55th birthday party in Orlando last week a special guest showed up for the occasion--and I'm not just talking about the birthday honoree, Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine

Though he drew the crowd, basked in a group rendition of happy birthday and cut the cake, the party was also a celebration of Megadeth's new beer by Unibroue, A Tout le Monde. That special guest I was talking about? Jerry Vietz, master brewer at Unibroue.

"I was very excited," Jerry told me about receiving the call to collaborate with Dave. "What I was looking for was a partner. Not someone who is there just to add their name. I have been approached numerous times for projects like this and it never happened before today and there’s a reason for that. Dave, from the beginning, was really engaged in the process and was not a passive partner. He wanted to be part of the process and work on the design of the beer with me."

Jerry and Dave spent the evening listening to Megadeth, discussing beer and music with their guests, and sipping on A Tout le Monde.

"I think with beer and music, you can be the best or you can be part of the pack. I have been doing this for 35 years and I feel awkward bragging about myself when it comes to my career, but I’ve accomplished a lot of stuff," Dave said. "And I know it’s the same with Unibroue—they’ve done fabulous in the beer business since they started in 1991. They’ve gotten 305, I believe, awards so far of gold, platinum and other awards that they’ve managed to win."

Megadeth Instagram

Image from Megadeth's Instagram

Unibroue is located in Quebec, Canada, where they create masterful brews, namely La Fin du Monde, Maudite and Blanche de Chambly. The name for their Megadeth collaboration, A Tout le Monde, is a nod to the band's 1994 song from their album Youthanasia; it is arguably the most popular hard rock song with an entire chorus sung in French.

"The way I approach music, I don’t release a song until it’s done," Dave said. "Jerry is the same way. He doesn’t release any beverage until it’s done and it’s perfect."

A Tout le Monde is a dry-hopped, Belgian-style saison that pours a cloudy, bright gold color. Tropical hops in the aroma lead you to a lightly effervescent palate with citrus, spice and notes of mango, lychee and other tropical fruits. At 4.5% ABV, A Tout le Monde is highly sessionable and a great partner for most dishes, particularly pad Thai and calamari.

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Meghan Guarino, copywriter