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Prost! Top 5 beers for Oktoberfest, plus a few tips to celebrate!

Posted by Meghan Guarino on September 25, 2017

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Oktoberfest (2 of 11).jpg Photo by Jacob Bailes

Have we made our love for Oktoberfest beers clear? Oktoberfest is arguably the best seasonal of them all. We love it. The style fits right in line with your amber ales, pale ales, and medium-bodied brews of fall. Märzens prepare you for a winter of darker pours and bolder palates. But you can't just dive into any ol' bottle of Oktoberfest... unless it's one of these. 

Oktoberfest (6 of 11).jpg Photo by Jacob Bailes


Paulaner Oktoberfest | $19.99 · 12pk

Paulaner has one of the largest presences at Oktoberfest in Munich every year. So big that the company begins setting up their enormous biergarten in July, two full months before the first day of the festival. Paulaner is a staple for Oktoberfest lovers, both at the festival and here in the US.

Hofbräu Oktoberfest | $9.99 · 6pk

Hofbräu's festbier is brewed for food. Pair this light-colored, 6.3% ABV beer with pretzels and mustard, bratwurst and sauerkraut, schnitzel and any other dishes you can think of, German or not. This beer is a refreshing finisher to each bite.

Spaten Oktoberfest | $9.99 · 6pk

Spaten has been around since at least 1845, with some reports citing its existence in 1397. With origins that go back centuries, it's no surprise that the brewery is closely tied to Munich's Oktoberfest celebration. This Märzen is aromatic and golden-hued, a quintessential Oktoberfest.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest | $9.49 · 6pk

Every year, Sierra Nevada pairs up with a German brewery to create an Oktoberfest collaboration that combines the craft style popular in the US with the traditional characteristics of Oktoberfest made in Germany. This year, the California-based brewery teamed up with Brauhaus Miltenberger for a rich, balanced and slightly hopped festbier.

Weihenstephan Festbier| $11.99 · 6pk

Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery in the world, which means they have a little practice with brewing German style beers. Their Oktoberfest is gold in color with medium body and lots of flavor. No Oktoberfest celebration is complete without a pint of this beer.

Now that you have the beer, there are a few other items to check off your Oktoberfest list before you can start your celebration.


Strongly suggest your guests dress the part.


You may not be going to Germany, but you can at least make it feel like you're in Munich. Have your friends dress in lederhosen and braids--it'll almost be as much fun as drinking from a boot.

The Settings.jpg

Set the stage.


Be sure to include blue-checkered table cloths, snacks (pretzels and cheese puffs are easy), and anything else that makes for a good centerpiece, like boots filled with wheat or golden, beer-shaped glitter.

Beer at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Prepare a toast.


Just like they do in Munich, say a few words before the first beer is poured. In Oktoberfest, they say, "Ozapft is!" or "It is tapped!" For your festivities, we suggest the traditional, "Prost!" for the first (and subsequent) beers you enjoy.

Ready to start your party? Head to ABC Fine Wine & Spirits to stock up on your Oktoberfest beers!