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Pleasantly Surprised

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on February 28, 2017

In Beer

I like surprises. Well, at least the pleasant ones. That package you forgot you ordered online that shows up unannounced. That $20 bill you put in your pocket (or purse) and just realized it was still there when your hand brushes up against it. It’s a similar experience going to a bar or restaurant and discovering they have a rare craft beer that you haven’t had for a while or is hard to obtain via bottles or cans or maybe is rarely ever released outside the brewery. I had a good experience like this recently when I met some friends at The Parkview in Winter Park (great little restaurant to check out if you are in the area).  I got to the bar a little early and perused their selections (a good bottle and can selection also). I asked what they have on tap and the bar lady couldn’t get out the word “snow” in Funky Buddha’s “Last Snow” before I cut her off (I apologized after) and ordered it! As many of you know it is a coffee coconut porter that comes out only twice a year in bombers and finding it on draft without wading your way through crowds of hipsters is like finding buried treasure!

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55_Clermont Brew Stop.jpgExperiences like that do not have to be few and far between… finding great craft beer on tap isn’t a difficult feat. My best advice is to follow the social media profiles of your favorite craft beer watering holes, and if you didn’t think ABC could be one of those think again! Our growler stations give you access to many beers that aren’t even released in cans or bottles and specialty beers that are only released once or twice a year! Harkening back to Funky Buddha the ABC Growler station in Tampa had a keg of “Last Buffalo in the Park” their Imperial version of the last Snow. ABC Growler stations also get to feature many local beers from breweries that might not be able to get to in a timely fashion so you get to try new beers that you’ve never had before! Just check out our website, under the Beer tab, Brew Stop Growler Stations. To be sure you don’t miss any releases just look up your local ABC with a Growler Station and follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Draft craft beer itself just seems classier and better tasting especially if you don’t get to enjoy the beer you’re drinking too often or it’s your 1st time trying it. With these growler stations available in most parts of Florida you can even enjoy your craft beer from the comfort of your own home!


James Beaver, Beer Consultant – Orlando