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Growler VIP

Posted by Meghan Guarino on January 9, 2018

In Beer, Craft Beer

Very. Important. Pour. Yep, our growlers are giving new meaning to the word VIP.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits growler

July of 2015 pushed Florida beer drinkers into new tap territory with the legalization of 64-ounce growler bottles. These glass jugs that are filled with fresh draft beer, sealed and sold to take home to enjoy, have long been considered the most common size by most of the rest of the country. Florida craft beer lovers have been celebrating the 2-year-old new standard like there's no tomorrow, but we see an opportunity to differentiate between the Growler fans and the Growler VIPs.

Those who are truly committed to the craft cause, we've got a little something for you. From 4-7 pm, take $1 off every growler fill with your VIP card. With up to 12 rotating options of delicious craft beer at each Brew Stop location, your 64-ounce glass bottle can be filled with something new every time.  

Our state-of-the-art growler stations are PEGAS fillers, top-of-the-line systems that minimize the head of the beer when filling your bottle—that means less mess for us and more beer for you. 

Growlers at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

But before we start filling your growler, we give the bottle a thorough rinse and lock it into the station. Upon placing the bottle inside, a tight seal is created between the mouth of the growler and the filling station, and the bottle is purged of any beer-tainting oxygen sitting in the bottle. Once the air is out, the lever is switched over to fill your growler with a carbon dioxide/nitrogen blend. Then it’s time to fill your growler with whatever golden ale or toasty stout you choose.  

The tap hose is rinsed through with water and flushed with the same carbon dioxide/nitrogen blend. Consistency is key. The air is then evacuated, creating a negative pressure and drawing the beer from the keg, through the hose and into your patiently waiting bottle. 

Brew Stop pour

And this is where the PEGAS system shines. The tight seal between the neck of your growler and the filling station allows the beer to run smoothly into the bottle. It is filled from the bottom up, running down the sides of the growler instead of straight down the middle. This gets you more beer without any extra head. More beer is better beer. 

Once sealed, your beer is guaranteed fresh for 14 days.  

Find an ABC growler station near you to fill your growler of deliciously refreshing, deeply complex, happily hoppy or otherwise tantalizingly delectable craft beer.