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Craft Beer & Holiday Cookie Pairings

Posted by Meghan Guarino on December 12, 2017

In Beer, Craft Beer

If you give a craft beer drinker a cookie, they'll want a beer to pair with it. But not just any beer. They'll want the perfect beer. Which is why we've devised this guide to seasonal cookies and seasonal beer. Who wants to spend all season drinking milk when you have a slew of perfectly good brews just waiting to match with mom's chocolate chip cookies? Not me. For the rest of the year, I'll be sipping something a lot more complex and seasonal with my cookies.

Leinenkugel's seasonal beer Snow Drift Vanilla Porter with chocolate chip cookies for a beer pairing

Chocolate Chip + Leinenkugel's Snow Drift Vanilla Porter

Leinenkugel's Snow Drift Vanilla Porter has a full body. Chocolate chip cookies will give you a full body. Leinenkugel's Snow Drift Vanilla Porter has hints of cocoa and vanilla. Chocolate chip cookies are made with cocoa and vanilla. It's the perfect pairing. This roasted dark beer complements sweet treats, especially when chocolate is involved. With a smooth and creamy palate and added notes of caramel, this beer is ideal for warm chocolate chip cookies.

Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale with gingerbread for a beer and cookie pairing

Gingerbread + Anchor Christmas Ale

With a tradition as expected as Christmas itself, the San Francisco-based brewery revises their Christmas ale recipe every year. And though the ingredients are known only to the brewers themselves, this beer is always a dark, spiced ale with rich aromas and a balanced body. This year’s brew is no exception and makes for a hyper-spiced pairing when matched to gingerbread. With an undercurrent of honey, Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale is velvety and smooth. Try it with gingerbread men, gingerbread houses or ginger snaps and share it with your ginger friend.

UFO Winter seasonal beer blonde vailla cold brew ale paired with sugar cookies

Sugar Cookie + UFO Winter Blonde

Sugar cookies are the most basic of cookies. They're almost required during the holidays, whether you decorate them with frosting or festive sprinkles. They're sweet and soft and loved by all--you can't go wrong with sugar cookies at holiday parties or cookie swaps. And because they're so conventional, you need a beer that is a bit unconventional, but not so unconventional that you forget about your cookie. Enter UFO Winter Blonde, a hefeweizen made with vanilla and coffee beans. This beer is light and refreshing, a perfect way to wash down that next bite of sugar cookie.

Brooklyn Winter Lager and thumbprint cookies for a holiday beer and cookie pairing

Thumbprint + Brooklyn Winter Lager

Thumbprints are the unsung heroes of holiday cookies. Chocolate chip gets all the glory, gingerbread is sung as the seasonal pick and sugar cookies are the crowd favorite. But thumbprints are still always there in the background, slowly being picked off by people who prefer a little fruit in their dessert. These little gems pair nicely with Brooklyn Brewery's Winter Lager, a light-bodied beer with a dark color and dry palate with notes of chocolate. It's a deviation from the standard winter seasonal. You could say it's the thumbprint of the craft seasonal world.

What is your favorite holiday cookie and beer pairing? Tell us in a comment below!