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Beer Chicken Waffles

Posted by Matthew on May 12, 2015

In Beer, Craft Beer

The funny thing about this title is that it does not matter which order these three ingredients are together. They all have a somewhat mysterious yet simple, fun way of complementing each other. While I was in Atlanta, I stopped into the Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market on my way to SweetWater Brewery. 

Nanna G's Chicken & Waffles was the one that caught my attention. I have heard this food pair recently was big out West, especially around the breweries. Intrigued by my recent reading, I had to be part of this experience.


“Chicken and waffles is a delectable union of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy maple and...chicken? It appears that this combination started as a Penn Dutch dish, during the 1600s. It continued to evolve, as did history. In the 1930s this dish found its way onto a menu in Well's Supper Club in Harlem, NY. This dish paired perfectly with the pop culture and the surrounding jazz clubs. This pairing matched perfectly because it allowed the best of both worlds, breakfast and dinner, together.” (PBS.com)

According to about.com, while the exact date is blurred of when beer became a cooking ingredient, it is said that colonial America mainly homebrewed. "If the colonists’ ales soured, they were simply used as vinegar to tenderize a tough piece of meat. If leavening was needed for bread it could be taken from the home brew. It was a society that could not allow anything to go to waste." Beer waffles evolved in the 18th century when the Germans began using the yeast from beer to create a more decadent waffle. Beer-battered chicken evolved, as people wanted a lighter, airy batter. Since the reform of craft beer, this culinary duo has become a trio.

Will you become part of this reformed, yet delectable culinary trio?

Check out these PBR waffles--pile some crispy chicken on top and pair the dish with a brown ale, a perfect complement to maple syrup, and you'll be living the breakfast/dinner/beer dream in no time.


Nadine Sweeten, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits beer consultant - Sarasota

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