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Toast August Celebrations with Block Wines

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on August 6, 2018

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There is no denying that we have a soft spot in our hearts for the lull of summer known as August - a time when things seem to slow down a bit more than usual before the busyness of life roars to life in the fall. 

It’s a time to savor the small moments, celebrate the minor triumphs and take a breather to recharge what the heat of summer might’ve taken out. It calls for our Block wines.

When it comes to Block wines, it’s an, “If you know, then you know,” sort of deal. But what makes these wines so irresistible to those in the know? We'll explain.  

Each Block wine is created when one of California’s best wineries has excess, high-quality juice. Instead of selling overproduction of the same juice they use to make their top-end wines to the bulk market (for blending into lesser-quality wines), they bottle it for us under our Block label. That means you get incredible wines for far less than what you would pay for them under a different label. 

The wine is sourced in a method that means we can’t even tell you exactly where we found it. Most of our Block wines are from California, and the label will help pinpoint the precise American viticultural area (AVA). It’s part of the contract to acquire these beauties. Think of it as a tantalizing mystery. Rest assured, they’re top-tier wineries with a history of producing high-quality wines. The proof is in the quality and taste.  

These wines are so exclusive that they once the bottles are gone, they're gone forever. We mean it, enjoy them while you can because these wines are only made when extra juice is available, they can only be bottled once.

Other stores and restaurants won’t be able to get any of our Block wines, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a bottle to your favorite restaurant—just ask about the corkage fee before showing up.

People ask us all the time, what the numbers on Block labels mean. The labels represent birthdays, anniversaries and other dates that are significant to the ABC family and they can become special to you and your family too. From August birthdays, to August anniversaries and August milestones, the bottles and pairings we've listed cover an array of occasions. We guarantee these special bottles will make your August celebration one to remember. 

August Block Wines Lisiting

Block 808 Chardonnay  

Notes of peach, pear, golden apple and citrus laced with hints of spice from French oak mean that if you pair this fruit-forward Chardonnay with about any fish or cheese, you’ll be one happy camper. 

Block 809 Chardonnay

Stone fruit and apple dominate the nose on this New World wine, while the medium-body, tropical fruit laced palate are perfect for pairing with picnic fare.

Block 815 Pinot Noir

Imagine walking through a field of freshly bloomed rose bushes and baby sage, while eating a basket of just-picked wild cherries and blueberries. Yes, this wine is that immersive. Enjoy this with a dark chocolate and berry tart for a harmonious experience.

Block 821 Cabernet Sauvignon

This wonderful Cab opens with spring flowers, black currants and spice. It’s full-bodied and exhibits exceptional intensity, so it pairs naturally with a well-cut, aged steak.

Block 830 Chardonnay

Blood orange and kiwi give way to natural minerality that combines nicely with the fresh acidity and long finish. This Chardonnay is best with fruit-marinated white meats (mango salsa topped swordfish or cilantro lime grilled chicken).


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