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Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on January 20, 2017

In Wine, Italian Wines

When prime vineyard space and carefully honed winemaking skills combine, magical things can happen. Such is the case of our current Italian red obsession, Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre. 

Made from a classic (and historic, if we’re being honest) blend of Corvina, Rondinella and a touch of Sangiovese, this wine hails from vineyards nestled in the Fumane foothills, vineyards that are named after an Italian Renaissance legacy and Allegrini Family Estate, villa Della Torre.


Covering a wide expanse of about 64 acres, it’s average altitude soars to 787 feet. The grapes also benefit from good sun exposure, since it’s an east-facing position. The subsoil is primarily composed of marly limestone that provokes high sugar concentration in the fruit, while also allowing for refreshing acidity. Corvina, Rondinella and Sangiovese grow particulalrly well here; they’ve been growing in this region since 1962.

The most interesting part might be their vine training system. They use the traditional trellis (Pergola Trentina), with an impressive planting density of about 1214 vines per acre. Because the whole area is terraced by the old-style dry-stone walling called ‘marogne’ it becomes obvious that tradition is something to be taken very seriously. It’s a an exceelent example of characteristic, rural architecture.


Using the advanced technique of 'ripasso', the majority of fruit if vinified right at harvest, but a small portion is set aside to dry. In the winter, the raisinsed grapes will go into a wine blend and then undergo a second fermentation.

All of that technical talk gives us this: A bright red with jammy berry, dried cherry and date fruit, emphasized by notes of dried herbs and spice. A medium-bodied and velvety, juicy end made for an 89 point rating in the 2013 vintage.

It’s incredible with charcuterie boards, smoked meats, strong cheeses, chocolate and even pastas. But it also easily pairs with various Italian dishes like risottos. Spices like saffron harmonize well it as do porcini mushrooms and pork. Carbonara sauces, baked lasagna, gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts will sing with this red.