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Amaretto Day

Posted by Meghan Guarino on April 19, 2015

In Cocktail Recipes, Spirits, Gin

Pink BikiniSunday Funday calls for a tasty cocktail that's easy to make, and what better way to celebrate the day than to join it with Amaretto Day? Celebrated on April 19 every year, this liqueur-based holiday falls on the perfect weekend. This time last year ABC was pouring our signature drink at the Sandestin Wine Festival, the Pink Bikini, made with the liqueur of love. This year, we're back in the panhandle for the festival with our wine and a big announcement: Our newest ABC location will open in Destin by the end of the month--you can join us for the grand opening celebration on April 30, from 6-8 pm. We'll have hors d'oeuvres, wines, spirits and liqueurs from all around the world. Sample new wines and sip our favorite spirits, all for only $10!

But that isn't the reason for the celebration on this particular Sunday. Grab a bottle of amaretto and mix up your favorite cocktail--you've got some relaxin' to do.

Amaretto is an almond-flavored liqueur made with apricot pits and almonds. This liqueur got its name from the aftertaste--it's very bitter. Amaro is Italian for bitter, however some argue the name is a derivation amore, Italian for love. Either way, the liqueur is often associated with romance; legend has it that amaretto was first invented by a model of Bernardino Luini, painter and pupil of Leonardo da Vinci. He was commissioned to paint the sanctuary of a church and employed a young woman to be his model for the depiction of the Madonna. After the painting was finished, the newly widowed innkeeper, who had fallen in love with Luini, had little money but wanted to show her appreciation for him. So she soaked apricots in brandy and presented it to the painter.

This liqueur is sweet and most popularly used in Amaretto Sours, a refreshing cocktail made with simple syrup, lemon juice and amaretto, garnished with an orange slice and a cherry. We suggest you try out the Pink Bikini today and give a toast to love, amaretto, Destin and good cocktails.

Pink BikiniPink Bikini

Raspberry lemonade


Coconut rum

Add 1.5 oz coconut rum, 1.5 oz amaretto and 5 oz raspberry lemonade to a shaker filled with ice. Stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Enjoy on a sunny Sunday.


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