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A toast to Florida-made vodka

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on November 1, 2018

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When it comes to Florida fall and winter, the beach is usually still a big part of how we celebrate life’s best moments. So when your mid-fall beach trip turns into an opportunity to boat, float or pour a cold one, there’s only one Florida-distilled spirit that we can think of that complies.

Let us introduce you to Coast Vodka. 

Coast Vodka -21

Produced by Kozuba & Sons, it boasts of its “American craftsmanship with European flare.” In a sustainable world of “farm to table,” they like to call themselves “grain to glass,” and stand on a solid sustainability program.

We got the scoop from Ken Park, Coast’s head of marketing. If you’re not already thirsty for a taste of this Florida vodka, see how you feel after reading.

 ABC Fine Wine & Spirits: How did this vodka come into concept? What was the idea behind it and why did you think it needed to be made?

Ken Park: “Paradise deserves its own spirit” is our tagline. Coast Florida Handcrafted Vodka was designed to serve and celebrate the active, aquatic lifestyle of the very audience for which it was produced - Floridians. Locals and tourists alike, frequently describe the Sunshine State as “paradise” because of its climate, lifestyle and appreciation for the amazing natural resources.

Tell us about the distilling process.

Coast is 6X distilled from the finest French Wheat in small batches in top-of-the-line copper stills and columns. Coast was developed to celebrate Florida and its picturesque shores by distilling 6X from the finest wheat grain, using the most purified water and handcrafting in small batches the most refreshing, light and sophisticated vodka possible.

coast vodka

 I see that it’s made from premium French wheat. Tell us more about that.

The raw spirit (distilled from wheat) is made in collaboration with our long-time partners, a French family of Cognac distillers. We then ship it to St. Petersburg for further processing i.e. dilution, multi-stage filtration etc.

What does Coast Vodka taste like?

It shows mild aromas of custard and dusty grain, with a satiny taste that employs tasting notes of powdered sugar, pepper, lemongrass and slate.

 Sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a standard. Tell us about your eco-friendly/sustainability practices.

We use glass-free, eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging box because living in Florida we understand the effects and harm our oceans undergo due to lack of recycling. Given that we use Florida water in our distilling process, water quality is important to us. We filter our water to reach the perfect PH and chemical balance we need for our vodka, so water and coastal conservation holds values to us. Our innovative, 1.75L bag-in-a-box packaging requires lesser carbon footprint from being lighter and denser, requiring fewer trucks per container than the big bulky 1.75L bottles of our competitors.

Coast Vodka -11

 Tell us about your partnership with Coastal Conservation Association Florida. We (ABC Fine Wine & Spirits) have worked with them for several years, but why did you  see the value?

When looking for a charity that does incredible work protecting the natural resource of Florida, CCA of Florida was an obvious choice. With a focus on coastal clean-up and conservation, CCA provided a perfect match for a vodka called “Coast” and for an effort to have a direct impact with each purchase on the cleanliness and protection of Florida's extended coastline.

 What’s your favorite part of distilling this spirit?

We put a lot of passion into handcrafting our spirits, being very particular about the process and the resulting taste signature that process creates. However, by far out favorite part of the process is ensuring the quality of each batch one sip at a time.            

 What’s your favorite cocktail to make with this vodka?

Although distilled to be enjoyed as a premium, on-the-go sipping vodka, Coast balances both subtle and strong notes, with clean and fresh finish that allows the spirit to be enjoyed alone or mixed up in a martini or an artisanal cocktail. I prefer to drink it on the rocks with a slice of Florida orange.

coast vodka wood

 Why should people outside of Florida drink this vodka?

The ocean not only provides Floridians with their beloved lifestyle activities and Florida wildlife with their homes and natural habitat, but directly impacts all aspects of the local economy, including restaurants, distilleries, marine life, etc. Just because you may not live in Florida or on the coastline, doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware and create about the protection of the shorelines. By creating partnerships and teaming up with a small local distillery, a well-established retail leader and a

leading conservationist organization like CCA Florida, Coast is a product that supports everybody’s lifestyles while giving back to the natural resources and communities that make that lifestyle possible. It provides education through lifestyle immersion and provides product that brings people together around a common passion, Florida, and for a common cause, coastal conservation.

 What’s next for the makers of Coast Vodka?

Our passion is distilling award-winning spirits and cordials and building innovative and engaging brand through which to distribute them. This requires us to create products and brands that engage today’s media-savvy audiences by serving their passions through liquids that celebrate and facilitate their social experiences, lifestyle and common pursuits. We look forward to creating spirits and cordials that fit into their passion and serve their lifestyles.

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