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4 Maker's Mark mint julep recipes for Your Derby party

Wisconsin has its cheese. New York has its pizza. Chicago has its hot dogs. Kentucky has its bourbon. There is literally nothing more appropriate to be sipping on during the Kentucky Derby than Kentucky bourbon. Since 1939, the mint julep has been the official drink of the Derby. This especially-refreshing cocktail boasts sweetened golden-brown bourbon, fresh mint oils and crushed ice and is the ideal customary cocktail for the first Saturday in May.  However, tradition does not mean your drink has to be drab. Put a little South in your mouth with these four variations on the mint julep from Maker’s Mark.

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5 bourbons to drink at your Derby Day party

And down the stretch they come! These are the final words millions of people around the world will be clutching their hats to as their prized-picked horses sprint their way to the finish line for the biggest horse race of the year – the Kentucky Derby.

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Must try wines for Easter

Spring has arrived, and with the warm weather and sunny days comes a renewed craving for all things light, clean, crisp and refreshing in wine. Among the many occasions that spring gives the wine drinking aficionado, Easter offers a golden egg of an opportunity to enjoy a multitude of wines that fit this style.

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4 steps to the perfect classic margarita

You can tell how beloved a cocktail is by the number of variations it inspires. And the margarita is extremely beloved. Strawberry, jalapeño, cilantro, mango even Sriracha are just a few of the adaptations gracing restaurant menus and cocktail blogs. But behind the hundreds of tasty alternatives is the classic margarita that started it all.

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10 easy Easter brunch cocktail recipes

Spring is always a wonderful time of year, especially for us Floridians. The weather is crisp, the sun has yet to hit its full fiery potential, and (although our allergies might be flaring up) flowers blossom in hues of blue and violet. Most importantly, the arrival of spring means one very important thing - brunch season.

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6 cocktails for your Game of Thrones Premiere Party

If by now you are quickly approaching your 100th view of the Game of Thrones trailers and you are ready for the Sunday night premiere, then you've come to the right place.We know you can put out some tortilla chips and Sansalsa, but we want to elevate your game. Follow these recipes and make some epic cocktails fit for the Seven Kingdoms that goes beyond mead and ale.

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March is Washington Wine Month: The wines you must try

Have you heard? March is Washington Wine Month, which is really just a national excuse to venture out of our California wine habit and to consider our second biggest wine producing state.

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How to find a new favorite wine

Last month I was invited to dinner at one of those splashy Miami restaurants. I arrived early and decided to order a glass of wine at the bar. They had an eclectic, by the glass selection which immediately raised my good vibe of the establishment. As I sat there enjoying a glass of Franciacorta, I grew increasingly disheartened listening to what people were ordering. I must have heard at least a dozen times, “I’ll have a glass of Chardonnay/ Pinot Grigio/ Cabernet”, and that’s OK if all you want is something in your glass you are familiar with. The longer I sat there the stronger my urge grew to ask someone, “Don’t you have any sense of adventure? They have such a great selection of wine by the glass!”

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Celebrating the Women of Wine with Pauline Lhote of Chandon

2018 was deemed by many to be the "Year of the Woman." Women spoke up. Women took office. Women excelled. So, today (and really every day) we raise a glass in celebration of women.

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