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Food and drink pairings that are totally fetch

It has finally happened. Mean Girls fanatics rejoice, because October 3rd falls on a Wednesday this year- which means if you aren’t drinking pink, you can’t sit with us. To honor this occasion, we’ve paired some totally grool grub with pink drinks to celebrate the day. 

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Wine to pair with your podcast

It’s been 13 years since “podcast” was deemed word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary, but we’re right smack in the middle of a podcast renaissance, people. This rebirth of a audio concept has ushered in a new era of addictive content, without all the effort of reading an article or sifting through you bookmarks to find where you left off. With over 550,000 podcasts to choose from, the only thing required to enjoy is a curious mind. Which brings us to the wine.

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Smile and say ‘CHEESE!’

Have I ever mentioned I love food? I really enjoy flavors, stylistic nuances and regional styles. Maybe the one food that shows these qualities more obviously than any other is cheese. It’s like wine in some ways. Really, wine is just grapes, fermented and aged (which grape and from where it hails is where the story gets juicy). This is where you find all the nuance, regionality, etc., and the same goes for cheese. The list of ingredients is rather small, yet working inside a very small framework of raw ingredients and processes, there are literally thousands of cheeses, all unique!

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