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Sunday Sippin': Irish Coffee

Posted by Meghan Guarino on March 12, 2017

In Cocktail Recipes, Spirits, Whiskey, Irish Whiskey

Irish Coffee

Here's an easy recipe to get you ready for St. Paddy's Day! The trick to this layered drink is whipping the cream so that it floats lightly on top for a beautiful presentation. To drink it properly, never mix the cream in. Instead, take a good slurp to capture the various textures and temperatures of cold, light whipped cream and hot, silky coffee with whiskey.

Fill the glass with hot water to heat it up. Whisk the heavy cream until thick, but still has a little flow—before it stiffens into peaks. Put the cream in the fridge to stay cold. Drop the sugar cubes into the glass. Pour Tullamore Dew over sugar and mix the cubes a bit, but don't worry if they don't completely dissolve. Add hot coffee and mix until the sugar completely dissolves. Very gently and slowly, ease the whipped cream on top of the cocktail, where it will float.