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Gifts your host will be thankful for

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on November 4, 2018

Planning and hosting a holiday party typically equates to two things in the mind of the host: a drained wallet and/or a necessary vacation after the event. They made all the lists, cleaned all the square feet, briefed all the family members on the evening agenda, and even collected a surplus of Tupperware to send you home with leftovers. Yet, there’s always a chance for a glitch. 

‘Tis the season to help a sister out. Gift your gracious entertainer with something they will certainly enjoy – a holiday spirit.  The host of the party you’ll attend probably already has a cocktail game plan that will appease most partakers. Which means one thing: you, the guest, should politely prepare the bottles that will assist the host – or  at least give them a nice ‘pat on the back’ when the entertaining ends.

3 quick tips to gifting your holiday host

1.Think about what you and your fellow guests like to drink. If they’re big winos, bring a gift basket (Rodney Strong, Bulliat and Block 809 make crowd-pleasing additions to any of our in-store gift baskets). If they regularly drink vodka, get a smooth vodka, like Tito’s. If they enjoy bourbon on the rocks, get a bourbon with aromatics and layers of complexity, like Jim Beam. This attention to your guests will impress and delight. If you want to add a little flare, ask one of our team-members to craft a unique gift basket around your select spirit or wine.

  1. Grab a gift set. If you want to show your host that they are extra-special, gift them something a little extra! November means gift sets have arrived at ABC. For around the same price as a single bottle, you can purchase your spirit packaged with accessories, glasses, mixers and more!
  2. If you are approaching the procrastination station and running behind on the gifting train, save yourself a step. Purchase your order online and pick it up at your local store. This way, you can skip any long lines at the register. For every palate at the party, there's a bottle to satisfy. Here’s a list of recommendations to get you started:

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, 12 Year

Scotch for thanksgiving is totally appropriate for two reasons: 1) it shows your appreciation for all the hard work the host did and 2) even if you don’t drink it on Turkey Day, the host can save it for another holiday. Glenfiddich is one our top choices because the depth of character works with most flavors. It has balanced flavors of fruits and spices, with a pleasant nose that is soft and rounded. Great before or after dinner.

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Grey Goose Gift Set

The all-encompassing gift set is a hostess gift no brainer. You get a big bottle of Grey Goose and two glasses for less than the prize of that one large bottle. Grey Goose works particularly well for gifting because of its higher quality and completely secret distillation process. They only use superior bread-making wheat which yields a pure flavor reminiscent of almond paste. It mixes well with almost anything so you can get as creative as you’d like.


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Whiskey drinkers have been endowed in recent years with a wider breadth of flavor, body and styles coming from both classic and craft distilleries. We have whiskies for winter, bourbons for summer, options for cocktails and some for serving straight. Jack is always a go-to option, but you can find your preference here.


 Gentleman Jack Gift Set

 Consider this your whiskey for winter (see paragraph above). All the beloved flavors of Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Rare, complete with two sipping glasses and a book of recipes. Expect a double-blessing of charcoal mellowing, once before aging and once after. This whiskey opens up with aromas of honey, nuts and oak, leading into a silky palate with flavors of caramel, black currant and mandarin orange notes laced with vanilla and smoke. Flavors develop into notes of leather, tobacco, coffee and raisins. Yup, you definitely need this one for the host that you love.


 Block 809 Chardonnay 

Visiting your partner in wine this Thanksgiving? This Chardonnay is the answer to the epic catch-up session that is about to happen. This vino is weighty and full-bodied, with complementary notes of  fresh, juicy tangerine and guava layered with vanilla and butterscotch nuances. Bring this little number for your wine-loving host and you’ll have secured a dinner at the table every year ever after.  


Vignobles Bulliat Morgon Colombier

This young wine is the solution to ALL Thanksgiving pairings. And that’s why your host needs it. Enjoy the day of the feast, since its jammy, ripe flavor goes well with anything from salads, to mash potatoes, to buttered rolls and turkey with gravy. It’s pretty light in body, so it washes down the rich foods with much ease.


Tito's Handmade Vodka

Can’t forget vodka for your hostess! It’s a gift for the bar cart and will please almost anyone at your gathering. Between our ABC Express service or our delivery service, you can have all the Tito’s your little heart desires.



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