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Canned Wine

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on February 24, 2018

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We’re not even going to front – we have a sales pitch we have to throw at you. The item? Canned wines. Hear us out.

Within the past two years, some of the biggest wine producers in the industry started canning their wines (Francis Ford Coppola to name one). And while these wines started out as items for summer, Americans saw a whole new arena open before their thirsty palates. Then the Fat Jewish did it, and well, it became a trend.

Since our thirsty Floridian palates are constantly at the pool, beach, golf course, tennis court, park, farmer’s market, etc., the sheer convenience of canned wines is indisputable. And the crazy thing is, these wines are actually good. The producers are canning good juice. There are sweeter canned styles (and not to say that sweet isn’t good!), but the majority are fresh, fruity, dry rosés.

Canned wine ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

Disclaimer: One thing you can’t do with canned wines is lump them together with the wine coolers of the 80s. Today’s wines are different. Embrace the can or don’t be a fan.

Here we’ve dreamt up a few weekend scenarios where a can of wine might pour in perfectly.

The Park → Social Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Wine

This juicy, ginger-spiced wine is a natural partner for a post-yoga-in-the-park pick-me-up. Enjoy it with your girls and be aware that the juicy grapefruit and delicate ginger essence pairs like a dream with ahi tuna, crab salad, shrimp scampi or grilled scallops.

BBQ Pool Party → House Wine Rosé

Fresh and fragrant aromas lead to a bright palate while flavors of thirst-quenching citrus and ripe strawberry round out into a crisp finish. This rosé is best with burgers, truffle fries and BBQ grilled meats.

The Beach → Francis Coppola Sofia

Fruity and refreshing, Sofia Blanc de Blancs is a rare blend of Pinot Blanc, Muscat and Riesling. Mellow flavors of apples and pears are topped by a hint of citrus and honeysuckle. It’s elegant in character, with a light, vibrant texture that washes down a bit of hummus and veggies at the beach with ease.

Golf/Tennis → Babe Sparkling Rosé

BABE is a light sparkling rosé that is “BUILT FOR THE FUN YOU HAVE EARNED,” according to owner, Josh Otrosvksy (The Fat Jew). With notes of honeydew and cantaloupe, it's viscous and rich enough to enjoy with pizzas, flatbreads, burgers and hot dogs. We like it particularly well after an hour or two on the driving range.

Dinner Party → Covet Sparkling Brut

This one is a little more sophisticated and belongs in a room of people who really care about wine and food. Aromas of green apple and pear on the nose lead to notes of apple. The citrus acidity on the palate is dry and refreshing. You’d be the star host if you served this with hors d’oeuvres, paella, or clams and linguine.

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