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Happy New Beer! Low-Calorie Beers to Start the New Year

Posted by ABC Fine Wine & Spirits on January 6, 2018

In Beer, Craft Beer

Are New Year's resolutions passé? Well then you won't be needing this blog that gives you the best five low-calorie beers that will help you stay on track for any "goals" you set for 2018. What's that? Oh, you are interested in seeing what those five beers are? Ok, but don't blame us when you end up with a New Year's resolution at the end of this. It will almost be too hard not to have one.

a flatlay of five low calorie beers to start the new year, Omission Light, Dogfish Head SeaQuench, North Coast Scrimshaw, Coastal Empire Coco Pina Gose, Uinta Baba Black Lager

A common goal among resolutionists is weight loss. It's attainable when you stick with it, but sticking with it is the sticking point. Creating that habit of carrots over chocolate and constant cardio all day long isn't exactly easy when you first start out. The trick to the stickiness is to start slow and make it easy so you don't burn out in the first two weeks. So let's bring it back to what we really care about: beer.

If you're a beer lover, then it's inconceivable to think about throwing away your entire stash. But guess what: you don't have to! You see, beer could hinder weight loss because of all the calories. So let's just drop those pesky things instead. I present to you--as promised--five beers with lower calories to help you with your resolut--uh, goals.

Dogfish Head SeaQuench | 140 calories

SeaQuench was the editor's pick for the 2017 Best Low-Cal Beer by Men's Health, a magazine that definitely knows something about health since they put the word in their title. SeaQuench has been around for a while, but if you haven't had the chance to try it yet, here's the quick and dirty on this session sour: It is a crisp clash of a kölsch, berliner weisse and a sour. Made with black limes (which I assume is a thing and that they're not just old limes), sour lime juice and sea salt, SeaQuench offers tartness, citrus and slight malt on a refreshing, medium body. This is exactly what a low-cal beer should taste like.

Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale | 99 calories

Yup, this one is under 100 calories, which is incredible, but even more so when you taste it and find out how delicious it is. With a light gold color and a thin white head, Omission Ultimate Light Golden Ale is a clean lager with light flavor and body--just what you'd expect from a low-cal brew. A touch of lemon complements a hint of pepper on a semi-dry palate. Easy-drinking through to the dry, crisp finish. This beer is gluten-free and tops out at five carbs.

Uinta Baba Black Lager | 120 calories

For some reason, light-bodied dark beers with tons of flavor always throw me off, but in the best possible way. Uinta Baba Black Lager is one such beer. Despite a deep brown color and lighter-than-expected body (kind of like Guinness), this schwarzbier is packed with roasted flavors. Chocolate, malt and coffee are all showcased in the aromas and on the palate. Baba Black Lager has won multiple awards in international competitions and boasts a nicely sessionable alcohol level at 4%.

Coastal Empire Coco Pina Gose | 120 calories

From our friends in Savannah, Georgia, comes this bright, tropical, low-cal gose. The name doesn't leave much to the imagination: Coco Pina Gose is brewed with coconut, pineapple and Himalayan salt. What's that? You already guessed the ingredients? Well, aren't you ahead of the game! But did you know it's only 120 calories? Oh. You did, did you? Then you probably also guessed this next part too: it's a mix of sweet fruit and salty salt. Yeah, yeah... you figured that out already too. Fine. Just go drink one. You'll love it.

North Coast Scrimshaw | 132 calories

The final brew on our low-cal list is North Coast Scrimshaw, a pilsner made it sunny California. With a light gold color, this beer is a practice in balance and subtlety. A spicy nose leads to a medium-bodied palate with malt, grass and biscuit flavors. It's clean all the way through the crisp, refreshing finish. True to style, Scrimshaw pairs well with an array of dishes, including whatever you can eat on that trend diet you're about to start.