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5 Shows That Are Better With Wine (And Which Wines You Should Be Drinking As The Intro Begins)

Posted by Meghan Guarino on January 13, 2016

In American Wines, Wine

  1. The Bachelor. This is an obvious one so we're going to go ahead and get it out of the way. From Ben Flajnik's Hair Twitter to Tierra LiCausi's Eyebrow Twitter to Josh Murray's Scarf Twitter --okay, so a lot of weird, spin-off, fan-made Twitter accounts--how else are you supposed to get through an episode of The Bachelor if you don't have a bottle of wine by your side? We suggest Giorgi Platino Brut, because it has sparkle and you should never let anyone dull your sparkle. And also because Chris Harrison.harrison
  2. Making a Murderer. If anybody needs a glass of wine it's Steven Avery. The man spent a 18 years in jail for something he didn't do and now he's back in for something some people (read: everyone with a subscription to Netflix) say he didn't do... again. Every "confession," every piece of evidence and every argument made by Manitowoc County would be increasingly easier to swallow with a glass of wine. Try something dark but enthralling: Perimeter Black Red Blend. insane
  3. Arrested Development. This show never gets old and it holds every family member you kind of have, but somehow still also wish you had. Get it? Doesn't matter. Sip something a little out of the ordinary but completely delicious like Painted Wolf The Den Pinotage, or, you know, vodka. lucille bluth
  4. The X-Files. Mulder and Scully are back, but not before you binge watch the original series. The effects may not be up-to-date, but the story line is timeless. Watch young David Duchovny in this iconic series with a glass of zesty Elephant Hill Sauvignon Blanc. mulder.gif
  5. Re-runs. Any of them. Gilmore Girls. Scrubs. Friends. HIMYM. Dexter. Old seasons of Scandal in preparation for the next release. Doesn't matter. You know the lines. You know the actions. You know the story. Drink something just as refreshing while you revisit your old loves, regardless if it's for fun or for the cause. Pour Nicolas Idiart Sancerre. scrubs.gifGot a favorite wine and TV show pairing? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @abcwinecountry!

Meghan Guarino, copywriter