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Dinner for two: How to wine and dine your Valentine while staying home

If you haven’t made a reservation yet for Valentine’s Day, we have good news and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad. You probably won’t get in to the restaurant you were ready to splurge at. You waited too long. Most joints will only have walk-in availability left, leaving you and your date on a 45-minute wait.  The good news? There are better options than celebrating your love dining next to a hoard of strangers with a limited menu.
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How to create a cozy Valentine's Day brunch date

Despite its religious origin and commercial value, Valentine’s Day is not a recognized public holiday. This means most of us will still be plucking ourselves out of bed and heading to work on Thursday, February 14th. Some will clock out and rush to the convenient store in hopes they will grab what is left of the flowers and chocolates - or even run to a fine-dining reservation you made weeks ago, hoping it goes quickly. After all, work resumes in the morning. 

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Five football friendly beer-infused finger foods

To start, let me confess that I hail from The 'Burgh. While my beloved Steelers botched their season and won’t be going for a super 7th ring, I still bleed black and gold (after all, there’s always hockey.) The rest of our office is divided with a handful of Tampa Bay Buc buffs, some Jacksonville Jaguars fanatics, and of course, a few elated Pats fans sprinkled in. They are the ones walking around with sh!! eating grins (I’m lookin’ at you, Marvin.)

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Score an extra point with these 7 Big Game cocktails

Going into the 2019 Big Game (Don’t sue us NFL- we said “Big Game”) I have about 53 questions. For the sake of time (and effort,) I will narrow them down to just five.

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Wine awakening: A drinker’s guide to decanting and aerating

In the world of wine connoisseurs and casual sippers, the great decant debate is ever-reoccurring.

The question of whether to decant, aerate or pour directly from bottle to glass has been a topic of contention among wine drinkers. Both essentially serve the same purpose, which is to expand the surface area of the wine, allowing more oxygen to interact with the liquid.  This softens the harsh tannins and opens up the aromatic profile of the wine.  The question really is when to use which method, and for what wines?  

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Tips for reading wine labels: French wines

Wine labels are supposed to paint a clear picture of what to expect from a particular bottle of wine.  Generally, a wine label has two parts worth special attention. The first is, required legal information that varies depending on the country where the wine is produced. Even different appellations within the same country have various regulations to abide by. The second being artistic renderings of text and graphics.

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